Tire Smokin’ Tuesday: F-150 Lets It All Hang Out!

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2011 Ford F-150 ties itself to a telephone pole and creates one incredible burnout machine.

This week’s ‘Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” video features a 2011 Ford F-150 doing a big, smoky burnout with the help of a tow strap and a telephone pole. This particular Ford truck is powered by a 5.3L V8, which has been modified with high-flow catalytic converters, and a performance exhaust system. Under normal circumstances, it would very easily smoke the hell out of its rear tires, but the owner wants to make sure this burnout is absolutely epic.

To achieve such goal, the truck is tethered to a telephone pole with a heavy duty tow strap. Furthermore, the dirt on the road makes it even easier to smoke the tires, as if the black Ford really needed any help.


For the vast majority of the clip, the 2011 F-150 smokes the rear tires hard. About halfway through, the driver pauses for a second to check the tires’ condition, but he quickly realizes they have plenty of tread left. As a result, the burnout action commences — again.

This video proves what we all knew. A V8-powered F-150 tethered to a telephone pole will do one hell of a burnout!

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Video via: [f150 nation]

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