Sunroof on Your Ford Truck – Yay or Nay? (Poll)

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When looking for a new or used Ford truck or SUV, what importance does a sunroof play in your final decision?

Sunroofs are a love or hate kind of automotive feature. People who like sunroofs seem to insist on having one regardless of the type of vehicle, while the other bunch flat out refuse to even consider one. That being said, we want to know where you stand in the sunroof discussion?

According to some sunroof-loving folks, they enjoy the extra light that comes through the glass panel, whether it is open or closed. In addition, most of them agree they love the added air flow when the sunroof is open. Those who don’t like sunroofs, insist that they cause the cabin to get hotter in the summer, and in some cases, they are prone to leak when they age, especially in certain rainy or humid geographical locations. There are also a handful of folks who believe they are unsafe in the case of a rollover accident.


Aside from personal preference, there is also the issue of cost. When buying a new F-150 or Super Duty, a single pane sunroof adds $995, while the larger panoramic roof adds $1,295 to the bottom line. With the current Ford Explorer, the optional twin-pane glass roof treatment adds $1,695, while the Ford Escape’s Panoramic Vista Roof costs $1,495.

In other words, the sunroof, moon roof, panoramic roof, or whatever you call it, adds quite a bit to any bottom line. So, is it worth the extra cost?

When shopping for a new or used Ford vehicle, do you care for a sunroof?

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