FrankenTruck: 1960 F-100 Body on Dodge ’90s Diesel Frame

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We found a ride on Instagram that is the full body swap many can only dream of. And it’s alive! 

Ever think about taking your old pickup, the with that vintage character and gorgeous patina, and updating everything under the hood to make it a modern driver with vintage looks? Well, we stumbled across the Instagram account of Clayton Johnson and he’s done just that.

Johnson has done a full-body swap, by combining a classic Ford body with the bones of a 1990s Dodge Ram and a 12-valve Cummins turbo-diesel heart. This swap took some of the best elements of the classic Ford and married it with modern power. Now, we know some of you may say this is simply sacrilege! But you have to admire the creativity behind the build.

Johnson started his build project by taking the 1960 Ford F-100 body, which doesn’t seem to have much in the way of rust, and dropping it on a newer Dodge Ram diesel frame. We’ve seen people put old Ford pickup bodies on newer Crown Victoria frames…but a Dodge? We’ve come across lots of engine swaps, but full-body swaps are less common.

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