1978 Ford F-150 Aims to Be a Snake Charmer

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1978 Ford F-150

Shelby pickup has us wishing that Carroll built them in the first place!

Among the many legends in the automotive world, few are more iconic than Carroll Shelby. The man that single-handedly put Ford on the performance map in the ’60s continued to crank out fast Fords until his demise just a few years ago. But the legend lives on even today, as Ford continues to crank out Shelby Mustangs that push the performance envelope. And that spirit is alive and well in this classic 1978 Ford F-150, too.

1978 Ford F-150

Obviously, neither Carroll nor Ford produced a Shelby 1978 Ford F-150. We spotted this rolling tribute to the man over at Old Ride. And we must say, it simply works. The unmistakable stripes and paint treatment look great on this pickup, making you wonder why more folks don’t do the same. The silver painted trim even looks right at home, as the previous owner decided to eschew chrome in favor of it.

1978 Ford F-150

We’re guessing that the old Ford performs pretty well, too. At least judging by the parts list. A rebuilt 351 lurks under the striped hood, with a Holley carb and Flowtech headers serving as the obvious external mods. The dual exhaust and Thrush mufflers undoubtedly give it that muscle car sound. Even the rolling stock is a bit of a throwback, sporting modest dimensions like many early Shelby vehicles.

1978 Ford F-150

With brand new sheetmetal and supports underneath, this old truck won’t bite you, however. The venom is thankfully reserved for the looks and performance department. No, this 1978 Ford F-150 is just a clean, classic pickup that stands as an understated but obvious tribute. A unique salute to one of the greatest minds in our beloved hobby, and a Ford guy through and through.

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