Ford F-650 ‘Supertrucks’ Raise the Proverbial Bar

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Ford F-650 Supertruck

Here in America, french fries and sugar-laden sodas aren’t the only thing you can supersize these days!

For most of the population, the full-size Ford F-150 is more than enough truck. And for those who need more towing power, stepping up to an F-250, F-350, or F-450 is easy. But Ford also makes much larger, commercial grade trucks for, well, commercial applications. Those trucks, including the Ford F-650, don’t exactly come with luxury adornments or any frills to speak of.

Ford F-650 Supertruck

So if you’ve got a super-sized personality and need a super-sized truck, where do you turn? The answer is Extreme Supertruck in Augusta, Georgia. That’s where owner Chris Walker has made a living turning the mundane Ford F-650 into a variety of over the top cruisers. Pretty much everything about these trucks lives up to the name, making them a perfect candidate for this latest episode of Ridiculous Rides.

Walker, of course, has heard the old adage about how trucks like his are meant to “compensate” for something. But the celebrities, hunters, and otherwise wealthy folk that buy these supersized Ford F-650 creations “have a purpose for them,” according to Walker. Which is why they’re willing to shell out anywhere from $89,000 to $250,000 for the privilege of owning one.

Ford F-650 Supertruck

The cool thing about Walker’s creations is that despite their similarities, each build is wholly unique. From your basic “Xtreme” Ford F-650 package to six-door, four-wheel drive monsters, no two Supertrucks look the same. And according to Walker, everything he builds can tow 25,000 pounds while riding in complete comfort on a full air suspension.

Ford F-650 Supertruck

And while you’re cruising around in those coddled confines, there’s no doubt that nothing attracts more attention on the road. That’s what happens when you drive something 9-10 feet tall, 100 inches wide, and up to 27 feet in length. Do you really need a flamed paint job and giant stacks at this point? Well, if you’re gonna go big, why not?

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