6×6 F-550 Headlines Another Amazing Diesel Compilation Video

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Come for the 6×6, stay for the donuts, burnouts, and a Ford rescuing a tanker in the snow in badass new clip from Diesel Truck Authority.

Some people like fail videos. Some people like prank videos. Here at Ford Truck Enthusiasts, we love diesel truck compilation videos. And one of the leaders in badass diesel truck videos is back at it again with a winter-themed video we think everyone will enjoy!

Diesel Truck Authority has a new video of some of the best diesel trucks found on Instagram. In the 10-minute-plus video, there are dozens of trucks pumping out that exhaust we all love and doing some of the best donuts you’ll ever see. But considering what site we’re on, you can guarantee some amazing Ford trucks.

Early on in the video, you’ll see a couple Ford diesels doing what they do best. Tearing through the snow, these trucks are doing donuts in parking lots and in the mountains, as if every surface is their playground. Hearing the diesel engines and squealing tires is enough to bring a tear to your eye.

Ford Super Duty Donuts

However, there are a couple stand-outs that viewers need to make sure to check out. First, there’s an amazing diesel F-series truck that is coming to the rescue to a semi-truck pulling a tanker trailer. As if pulling one of those massive vehicles wasn’t impressive enough, this Ford is doing it all in the snow. It’s such a beautiful scene, Ford would be silly not to include it in their next Built Ford Tough commercial.

The real showstopper is towards the end of the video. The truck in question doesn’t do any tricks. It doesn’t do a burnout or donut. It just sits there idling. But boy, oh boy, is it a thing of beauty! This 6×6 F-550 is a beast. As the video pans around the truck, you see just enough to make your imagination run wild. You can imagine just how amazing it would be to see this monster tear through some snow or mud. Even though we don’t get the chance to witness any of that, the idling truck is worth the price of admission alone.

Which truck was your favorite?

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