This Sleek 1968 Ford F-100 Makes a Case for Brown

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1968 Ford F-100

Ask anyone what their favorite color is, and chances are not a single person will say, brown. Forever a color associated with… well, unsavory things, it might be the most unappreciated of all hues. But in some cases, on the right vehicle, brown can look pretty darn good!

1968 Ford F-100

Vehicles like this 1968 Ford F-100. The dark brown paint looks pretty awesome in this case, especially with the flat black treatment added to the hood and roof. It’s enough to make you wonder why more people don’t go with brown as a color choice, even on newer trucks?

1968 Ford F-100

Outside of the unique color choice, this ’68 is one seriously clean and tasty ride. It sits lower than stock thanks to a Crown Vic front-end, with a sweet set of modern Mustang 17″ wheels serving as rolling stock. Power comes from a rebuilt 351 Cleveland, and the interior is all new with an aftermarket stereo and Lokar shifter.

Not only is this ’68 one of a few brown Fords out there, it’s also one of the nicest cruisers around as well. The overall package is well thought out and put together, adding up to a truck that no one would be embarrassed to be seen in – no matter what images brown conjures up for you.

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