Sleek Lowrider Love: 1962 Ford F-100

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Lowrider trucks have been a thing for a long time now, and you can bet the trend isn’t going to die any time soon. In fact, the look has only gained strength as suspension technology has advanced. Things like airbags and modern coilovers have really changed the game – providing a comfortable ride and the ability to adjust ride height so you don’t scrape up your precious ride.


This 1962 Ford F-100 is a nice example of what can be done with a modern lowrider, as it combines some old-school elements with new school technology. The front-end is custom, with shock towers designed specifically for the truck, complete with Koni coil overs and an adjustable K-member. There’s a NASCAR style 3-link in the rear, along with an aluminum panhard bar.


Power comes from a 4.6 crate motor with a Trick Flow intake, and gears are selected via TCI O/D automatic transmission. There are 3.73 gears out back, and Wilwood brakes at all four corners – 6 pistons in the front and 2 pistons in the rear.

In the looks department, this ’62 certainly fits the bill of a lowrider show truck – without any crazy graphics or things like gold leafing. The two-tone burgundy and grey paint looks fantastic, with a minimal amount of shaving done to smooth out the stock lines. Things are mighty nice inside, with a custom interior that is clean and simple.


Regardless of whether you love or hate lowriders, you can still appreciate the quality of this build. All the mods are tasteful and not over-the-top, which is a common thing on these types of trucks.

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