This 1967 Ford F-100 Highboy Is Perfect

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1967 Ford F-100

Too often we lose sight of what is necessary on a truck. Do you really need a perfectly straight body, show quality paint job, and chromed out engine bay? Does anybody really care if the frame of your truck is clean enough to eat off of?

Sometimes, a weathered original F-Series truck is about as good as it gets. Plus, you won’t have to worry about some idiot scratching it at the parking lot. Patina is a popular trend right now as well, so your weathered truck might just draw more attention than some show queen anyway.

1967 Ford F-100

For those who love old Fords that are in original and solid condition, we present this 1967 Ford F-100 4×4. It has survived to this day without any rust thanks to living its entire life in dry climates, which has kept it in pretty remarkable condition.

1967 Ford F-100

While the exterior has been left untouched, the interior has thankfully been cleaned up a bit with a newly-recovered bench seat and a new floor mat. It has also been gone through mechanically, though the original 352 is still going strong.

1967 Ford F-100

For those who love an original and somewhat weathered Ford, it’s hard to beat this ’67. The fact that it’s a four-wheel drive is just icing on the cake. The asking price of $12,995 isn’t too shabby either – a cheap sum to pay for a 1967 Ford F-100 many would say is perfect.

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