1953 Ford F-100 Proves Simple Is Perfect

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Simple Is Perfect

Subtly Turning a Fifties Classic into a Modern-Day Showpiece

Some folks like to go wild, replacing whatever they can on their old trucks and turning them into a remarkably modern showpiece. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. It’s easy to understand the appeal of a classic truck that runs and drives like a new one.

Simple Is Perfect

When it comes to 1950s Ford trucks, they were so darn good that there’s really no need to change much. Sure, you can pluck the under-powered Flathead and throw in a more modern suspension in the front and no one would blame you. But you can also just let things be and wind up with an awesome ride like this 1953 F-100. Remember, simple is perfect.

Simple Is Perfect

There’s no fancy chrome here, no shiny paint job and no monster motor under the hood — just plain Blue Oval goodness. After receiving a full frame off restoration, she’s ready to show or drive — slowly, of course, thanks to the original Flathead V8 that’s still chugging along and making those lovely locomotive sounds it’s so popular for.

Simple Is Perfect

The only real deviations from stock are the cool and tasteful pinstriping and the painted steel wheels with tires that are a bit bigger than the originals. The rest of the truck, including the white and red interior with a flat-as-a-board bench seat, is still all 1953.

Next time you’re contemplating a build, just remember that you don’t necessarily have to mess with a good thing. Sometimes simple is perfect!

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