1934 Ford Pickup: The Gold Standard of Hot Rods

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1934 Ford Pickup

In a cookie cutter world, this defiant 1934 Ford pickup dares to be different with some interesting mods.

One of the best things about the hot rod movement is that it not only encourages, but demands individuality. Spurned by people who refuse to assimilate into society, hot rods are intentionally different, abrasive, and often raucous. By design, of course. And few exemplify those ideals like this 1934 Ford pickup, which we spotted over at Mecum. Inside and out, it’s a perfect poster child for that “dare to be different” mantra. And it’s sure to piss off at least a few people along the way.

The first thing you’ll notice about the outside is the extended cab. Which, of course, you couldn’t buy back in 1934. But if you’re not vertically challenged, you already understand the struggle with early pickups. That added length also presented an opportunity to make this a five-window pickup, which is pretty cool in itself. The all-steel body (minus the fiberglass fenders) was then covered in multiple coats of House of Kolor Candy Apple Red, a true hot rod staple. And interestingly, lots of gold-plated trim in lieu of traditional chrome.

1934 Ford Pickup

Underneath, all of the primitive 1934 Ford pickup suspension bits were promptly disposed of. In their place lie a Lincoln Zephyr-sourced 8.5-inch rear end, independent front suspension, coilovers, and four-wheel disc brakes. The whole thing rides on staggered 18/20-inch Ridler wheels, which easily fill up those old school fenders.

1934 Ford Pickup

Inside, you’ll find a traditional hot rod cabin stitched in ivory and beige. Like the outside, you’ll notice more gold plating than Mr. T’s neck. Which is different, but probably not enough to rile up the masses. That’s reserved for the stroked Chevy 383 under the hood. Which should do the trick all by itself.

1934 Ford Pickup

Regardless of that little oversight, we’re digging this defiant 1934 Ford pickup. After all, in a world of cookie cutter rides, it’s just nice to see something a little different every now and then!

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