Dare to Be Different With This 1966 Ford F-250

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The F-250 is supposed to be a real workhorse. It’s a larger, heavier, beefier version of the F-100, one that is intended to carry out jobs that its little brother can’t. That’s why it’s a little bit unusual to see one turned into a custom truck that is more suited to cruising than towing trailers.


But hey, why not? The freedom and ability to be different and stand apart from the crowd is one of the things that makes this country so great. If a guy wants to turn his 1966 F-250 Camper Special into a cool custom cruiser, who’s gonna stop him, and why?

The first thing you’ll notice is the orange and black two-tone paint with white accents which really stands out. It sits about 2.5″ lower than stock in the rear, and 3/4″ in the front. The suspension has been revised considerably, receiving new bushings, seals, and shocks. Wheels are sweet-looking 16″ front and 17″ rear.


Power comes from a rebuilt 390 block that has received a Crane cam and an Edelbrock intake and carb.  An electronic ignition has been added, and exhaust is expelled through a set of ceramic headers and dual exhaust. It’s backed up by a C6 with a shift kit, sending power back to a 3.73 geared Dana 60 rear end.


If you’re the type who dares to be different and unwilling to conform to social norms, we may have found your truck. Even if it isn’t the only custom Camper Special F-250 out there, it’s certainly no more than one of a handful.

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