Author: Lexi Shorey

A Patriotic Ranger Flies High


Ford Ranger are amazing little trucks. They’re great at hauling, pulling, and, as we’ve seen many times now, jumping. Apparently jumping this Ranger was the driver’s New Year’s resolution, and he clearly enjoyed every minute of it.

TRUCK YOU! 1978 F-150 and 1976 F-250 Classics in the Garage


Ford trucks may simply be amazing in and of themselves, but when you throw their history and past into the mix they become even more enthralling. So today we’re going to look at two rigs that could be considered great grandparents to the brand new 2015 Ford trucks — the 1978 F-150 and 1976 F-250 that make their home in VaFordman26′s garage!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN The Scariest Off-Road Rigs on FTE!


Halloween is a wonderful time of the year. The stores are packed full of last-minute shoppers, awful childish music is polluting¬†the air, and snotty-nosed kids show up at your doorstep wearing Ninja Turtle¬†outfits and demanding some of your precious delicacies. Maybe it’s not always the most convenient or cost effective time of the year, but [...] More »

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