Author: Lexi Shorey

TRUCK YOU! Three Ford Classics in the Garage


When it comes to old Ford truck, we absolutely love them. While they are certainly wonderful and amazing pieces of history, they are also so much more than that.

  Comments | By - January 18, 2016

A 1979 Ford F-250 Build with a Plan

FTE Build

One good rule of thumb when it comes to builds is that one ought to have a plan together before they begin.

  Comments | By - January 15, 2016

TRUCK YOU! A 2005 Ford Excursion Eddie Bauer Edition


Ford trucks are amazing machines, as I’m sure no one will argue. They are made to handle the toughest of situations, keep chugging passed the limits one might expect, and to keep their occupants safe in the event of any kind of accident.

  Comments | By - January 14, 2016

HUMP DAY JUMP Ford Explorer Jumps Straight to Its Grave

FTE Jump

In the video below we get to see a Ford Explorer jumping until its demise. Or what we assume is its demise. Over two days of jumping these guys absolutely demolished this truck.

  Comments | By - January 13, 2016

TRUCK YOU! A 1984 Ford F-150 Flareside


When it comes to cool trucks, opinions differ a lot. What really makes a truck special, or desirable, or otherwise sought after?

  Comments | By - January 8, 2016

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