Author: Lexi Shorey

BUILDUP 1949 Ford F1 Pickup


It’s a rare sight these days to see a first generation Ford pickup cruising down the highway or meandering through the city streets. With even the faintest sighting being highly unusual, it should come to no surprise that stumbling across a build for a 1949 Ford F1 pickup is certainly not common. Taking on a [...] More »

Watch a Ranger Soar at Pismo Beach!


Unfortunately, not every place in the world has a location like Pismo Beach, California where one can bring their truck to reek havoc as freely as they please. This Ford Ranger definitely seems to be enjoying that pleasure! Though this video runs over three minutes long, don’t expect it to be dull. This truck is [...] More »

BUILDUP A 1976 F-100 Flareside Dragster


It’s not uncommon for a fan of the classic Ford trucks to pursue a 1970s era truck build, but this one certainly stands out. Ford truck enthusiast B.Petry began this build after a bet was initiated that stated that he couldn’t build a street vehicle that could run the 1/8th mile in seven seconds for [...] More »

TRUCK YOU! Step into Fire240′s Garage


Maryland might not be as rugged as Texas, as mountainous as Colorado, or as rural as Oklahoma, but apparently it is still home to some impressive Ford trucks. Shaun (A.K.A. fire240)┬áproves this point quite well. Considering he is a Posting Legend here on Ford-Trucks, it should come to no surprise that his rig backs him [...] More »

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