TRUCK YOU! A Lovely 1973 Ford F-100

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When we think of Ford trucks, there are many things that might come to mind. Maybe you think of a lifted truck conquering the trails, or a Ford Super Duty hauling a massive load to the construction site. Or, rather, maybe you think of that jerk with all the bumper stickers that cut you off in traffic and then immediately hit his brakes.

While we hope you think of something positive when you think of Ford trucks, everyone’s a little different. Still, the fact remains that Ford trucks are outstanding vehicles that can’t be beat on any terrain! Today we’ll be stepping into the garage of a true Ford truck lover and FTE member, betteron2wheels and taking a closer look at his lovely Ford truck that lies within!


Betteron2wheels is the proud owner of a 1973 Ford F-100, and it looks absolutely beautiful. The ride is painted in genuine Ford blue, with an also painted engine bay to match. In fact, we’d say that this ride looks a good as the day it was produced. It’s hard to believe that it’s forty-three years old now. We’re glad to see that this classic and lovely rig is still roaming the streets!


Go stop by betteron2wheels’s garage and leave some comments, browse the photography, and have a great time! Be sure to keep your garage up to date and maybe you’ll be featured next week on TRUCK YOU!

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