HUMP DAY JUMP! A Ford Bronco II Jumps a Dam

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Most people don’t think too highly of the Ford Bronco II. While we’ll admit that they weren’t the most problem-free truck Ford has ever made, we may go a bit too harsh on them from time to time. But it’s time for that to change!

After all, they are still Ford trucks! Maybe not as cool as their full-size Bronco or Ford Explorer siblings, but they definitely have some redeeming qualities. If nothing else, they can certainly jump like a pro!

In today’s video by, Over The Top Off-road Videos,  we get to see an example of just that. The Ford Bronco II in the clip might look pretty beat up, but its performance says otherwise. It charges toward a pretty big mound of dirt that’s actually an old dam at full speed, and leaps high into the air, only for the camera shot to get partially blocked by another vehicle. Of course, the landing doesn’t look quite as pleasant, as the Bronco II stops very abruptly. Still, we’d call that leap a success!

Check out the video below and see the bound for yourself!

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