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    “The customer came first in developing the all-new Ford
    Excursion. It’s designed to provide customers with a fresh new
    choice in the heavy-duty utility market. Excursion offers more
    space and convenience for passengers, more utility for activities
    such as towing and more versatility for carrying cargo and luggage –
    while at the same time setting a bold new standard for safety and
    the environment.”

    Gurminder Bedi, Vice President – Ford Truck Vehicle


    • Comfortably seats up to nine adults, with more overall head,
      leg and shoulder room than the competition
    • Largest cargo volume, including 48.0 cubic feet of space behind
      the third row seat – enough for passengers’ luggage
    • Rear tri-panel doors for ease of entry and exit
    • Extra wide second-row side doors
    • Independently reclining second-row seats with dual tip/slide
    • Front and rear air conditioning with 360-degree adjustable
    • Power rear quarter windows
    • Running boards with optional illumination
    • Low-profile roof rack
    • Up to 10 cup holders and five power points


    • Largest towing capacity in segment – up to 10,000 pounds
    • Large payload capacity – up to 1 ton
    • More horsepower and torque than the competition, with choice of
      three engines
    • Optional four-wheel drive with electronic shift-on-the-fly


    • Engineered for enhanced performance during accidents
    • Ford’s unique BlockerBeamÔ
      helps prevent a car from sliding underneath the front of the
      Excursion during a frontal collision. Ford is the first in the
      industry to provide this type of advanced protection in trucks.
    • A standard trailer hitch helps prevent a car from sliding
      underneath the rear of Excursion during a rear collision
    • Energy-absorbing vehicle structure provides “crumple zones” on
      the front of the vehicle, helping to protect the occupant
      compartment during a collision
    • Steel side door beams further enhance passenger protection in
      side impacts
    • Driver and passenger front air bags feature “second generation”
      inflation rates
    • Child-seat tethers anchored in the second row of seats further
      improve the ability to securely anchor child safety seats
    • New Ford Belt-Minder system will help remind most Excursion
      occupants to buckle up
    • SecuriLock™ passive anti-theft system helps deter would-be


    • Will be certified to low-emission vehicle (LEV) standards –
      or better – on all engines, like all other Ford SUVs and Windstar
    • Will produce up to 43 percent less tailpipe emissions than
      permitted by law
    • More fuel efficient – with more passenger and cargo-carrying
      capacity – than two average full-size sedans capable of transporting
      equivalent loads
    • Available with two gasoline engines or a highly fuel-efficient
    • Nearly one-fifth of the vehicle is made from recycled materials,
      including various steel, aluminum, rubber and plastic parts
    • More than 85 percent of the vehicle is recyclable by weight

    Maximum interior space. Superior seating functionality and
    passenger comfort. A tough and powerful powertrain lineup with
    maximum towing capability. Safety and environmental leadership.
    These were the objectives set for the team that developed the
    all-new 2000-model Ford Excursion.

    Their target was to create a new choice in the segment – formerly
    dominated by only one vehicle – to appeal to the growing number of
    buyers who need to carry cargo and several passengers while towing
    for both personal and commercial use.

    Excursion delivers on that promise with a design and package that
    offers more passenger and cargo room than the competition. At the
    same time, Excursion sets new safety and environmental standards
    with features that are the first of their kind in the segment and
    even the truck market.

    No-Compromise Capacity

    Excursion offers comfortable seating for up to nine adults –
    eight when dual captain’s chairs are fitted in place of the standard
    40-20-40 front-bench seat.

    Compared with the competition, Excursion is 7.2 inches longer,
    3.3 inches wider and between 4.3 and 5.8 inches taller. At less
    than 7 feet tall, including the low-profile roof rack, and less
    than 20 feet long, Excursion still fits into a standard-size

    Excursion offers an impressive 48.0 cubic feet of cargo space
    when all three rows of seats are in place. Without the last row
    bench – which is mounted on rollers for easy removal – Excursion’s
    cargo capacity increases to 100.7 cubic feet. Removing the
    third-row bench and folding down the second-row seat backs result in
    a flat cargo area large enough to accommodate a 4- by 8-foot sheet
    of plywood – with an impressive 146.4 cubic feet of available cargo
    space. That’s about eight times the trunk volume of a full-size
    passenger car.

    Excursion offers ample payload capacity of up to 1,906 pounds –
    1,750 pounds with the 4×4 drivetrain option.

    Towing capacity ranges from 6,200 pounds (4×2 with base 5.4-liter
    V-8 engine) to 10,000 pounds (6.8-liter TritonÔ
    V-10 gasoline or 7.3-liter Power Strokeâ
    V-8 diesel).

    Maximum Functionality and Flexibility

    Customers in the full-size SUV segment expect a vehicle with
    maximum functionality and flexibility to serve a very broad range of

    Excursion features a unique rear tri-panel door system. A
    one-piece upper liftgate permits quick access to the cargo area,
    offers an unobstructed rear view from the driver’s seat and includes
    an intermittent single wiper and window defroster. Two lower cargo
    doors swing open approximately 180 degrees for maximum and
    unobstructed access to the cargo floor, with detents to hold them
    open at angles of approximately 105 degrees. The doors can be
    opened even when a trailer or boat is attached for towing.

    In addition to the ease of loading cargo, the Excursion interior
    features plenty of space for passengers. The second-row doors are
    5.5 inches longer than the competition’s – setting a new standard
    for passenger accessibility to second- and third-row seating.

    All Excursion models are fitted with a low-profile,
    200-pound-capacity roof rack. Its fore-aft rails fall below the
    crown of the roof so there is no increase in overall vehicle height.
    When the quick-release cross bars and supports are attached to the
    roof rack rails, they increase overall vehicle height by only 0.7

    Convenience and Comfort

    Excursion’s standard convenience features include wide
    running boards with standard illumination on the Limited series, a
    door-mounted keyless entry pad, reclining second-row seats and
    extensive noise control features for a quieter interior

    The second-row seats split 60-40 and recline individually. Each
    seat back in the second row also can be tipped forward and the
    entire seat slid forward – a first-in-segment feature that enhances
    access to the third row from both sides of the vehicle. The
    second-row seats also include a fold-down center armrest containing
    two cup holders.

    Reducing the amount of noise entering the cabin was a priority
    for the Excursion development team. Steps taken to ensure a quieter
    environment for the passenger include:

    • Molded sound absorbers and insulators in the dash, cowl, hood,
      front fenders, doors and rear quarter panels.
    • Mastic deadener pads in front footwells, transmission tunnel,
      second- and third-row footwells and cargo floor.
    • Molded sound barrier treatment in B-pillars.
    • Closed cell foam rubber plugs to seal D-pillars.

    In addition, the Excursion 7.3-liter diesel has a
    first-in-light-trucks interior and exterior sound package, making it
    8 to 10 decibels quieter – or roughly half as loud – to the driver
    and passersby than other diesels in production today.

    The standard front and rear air-conditioning systems feature
    headliner registers that rotate 360 degrees. Privacy glass and
    separate reading lights also are provided for all three rows of

    Power rear quarter windows – controlled from the front overhead
    console – are optional for the XLT and standard for the Limited
    series. Hinged from the forward edge, the windows feature
    inside-mounted hardware with no attachment buttons visible from
    outside the vehicle.

    Safety Emphasis Inside and Out

    Safety consistently ranks among customers as one of their top
    three considerations when buying a vehicle.

    Excursion’s engineering team has created a winning product for
    safety-conscious customers, providing them with a heavy-duty SUV
    designed for top performance during crash tests and real-world

    Plus, unlike other vehicles in its class, Excursion includes
    safety features to benefit other vehicle occupants, as well.

    A unique new BlockerBeamÔ
    system and enhanced rear underride protection are designed to
    reduce the likelihood of lower-riding cars sliding beneath Excursion
    during front and rear collisions. This reduces the amount of
    intrusion into the passenger compartment, further reducing the car
    occupants’ risk of injury.

    Excursion also features abundant “crumple zones” and a body
    design that helps absorb energy and keep the passenger compartment
    intact during crashes. Steel side door beams offer customers
    enhanced protection during side impacts. Child seat tether anchors
    in the second row of seats further enhance the ability of parents to
    securely anchor child safety seats.

    Designed with the Environment in Mind

    Excursion offers customers the total package – utility,
    roominess, comfort and several distinct features that make this
    heavy-duty SUV friendly to the environment.

    Excursion will be certified as a low-emission vehicle – or
    better – in all states and on all engines.

    With 5.4- and 6.8-liter gasoline engines and a 7.3-liter Power
    diesel engine, Excursion produces up to 43 percent fewer
    smog-forming exhaust emissions than permitted by law.

    This powerful people and cargo mover can accommodate nine people
    and their luggage, making it more fuel efficient than using two
    full-size sedans to move equivalent loads.

    Excursion also shines in its level of recyclability. About 85
    percent of each Excursion can be recycled after the SUV’s useful

    Plus, nearly 20 percent of Excursion’s content comes from
    recycled consumer materials, such as steel, aluminum, rubber and


    • Excursion is Ford’s new entry into an existing market
    • The heavy-duty utility market has nearly doubled during the last
      eight years – and continues to grow
    • Excursion is designed as the ultimate heavy-duty utility vehicle
      – both for personal and commercial use – and was developed with
      customers in mind
    • Built on the Ford Super Duty F-Series platform, Excursion was
      developed using efficiencies that benefit both customers and

    The heavy-duty utility segment is a fast-growing one. Starting
    out as a small niche market, the segment has almost doubled during
    the past eight years. Sales have increased from approximately
    80,000 vehicles in 1990 to more than 150,000 in 1998.

    Customers are demanding more from their vehicles, which has
    fueled much of the growth in the heavy-duty utility vehicle market.
    Both personal-use customers and businesses increasingly need a
    vehicle that can tow, haul and pack in a lot of passengers and gear.

    Ford market research shows the heavy-duty utility segment
    customer is twice as likely to haul five to seven passengers as a
    full-size SUV owner and almost four times more likely than a compact
    utility owner to do so.

    During the week, customer uses for Excursion are expected to
    range from taking the team to baseball practice to hauling a horse
    trailer or boat. On weekends, more than 80 percent of all
    heavy-duty utility owners use their vehicle to take vacations and
    long trips, and enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, camping,
    winter sports and water sports.

    Excursion equally is designed to appeal to commercial buyers.
    Businesses that need the ability to carry people and haul equipment
    include ski resorts, survey and construction crews, small inns, and
    parks and recreation services – to name a few.

    The foundation for Excursion is the “Built Ford Tough” heritage.
    Using the Super Duty F-Series platform as a starting point,
    Excursion is built to handle heavy loads and perform the toughest
    jobs, such as towing boats or trailers, while carrying nine
    passengers and their gear.

    Excursion also is another example of Ford’s dual truck platform
    strategy, which is designed to make effective and efficient use of
    common platforms to provide better value to customers and