Ford F-150/F-250: Window Tinting

A window tint is a great way to upgrade your F-150 or Super Duty truck. Here are your options.

By Cynthia Griffith - November 17, 2014
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This article applies to the Ford F-150, F-250, and F-350 Super Duty.

Upgrading your Ford F-150 or Super Duty is an excellent way to personalize your driving experience. There are many different ways to go about doing so and one of them is installing tinted windows. One of the pros to this particular upgrade is an overall enhancement to your vehicle’s appearance. Additionally, professional window tinting films are often designed to reduce glare and provide heat and fade protection. The downside to tinted windows is the fact that adding the wrong percentage of tint could equate to a citation. Here, we’ll cover the legal side of window tinting along with shading options, fade protection options, and cost. The percentages of the tint represents the shade of the film.

Window tinting laws vary by state. For instance, in California, you are allowed to have any shade of tint on the back windows, however, you can only go 70% on the front ones. Some states like Colorado don't allow any front tinting at all. Ohio is the only state that allows a 70% film on the front windshield; most of the other states allow the top 6 inches to be tinted. Browse the tint laws on

Tint Percentages


The 5% tint is very dark in most cases.

Figure 1. 5% tint on an F-150.


This is the standard choice that most drivers are happy with.

Figure 2. 18-20% tint on an F-150.


Drivers who wish to be well within the legal tinting limits tend to choose 35%, but others complain that this level is too light to justify the upgrade.

Figure 3. 35% tint on an F-150.

Types of Tints and Shading

There are a couple different approaches to window tinting that could significantly change the price range. For the optimal experience, most F-150 or Super Duty drivers favor professional installation. It is best to make a firm decision about your shade prior to installing the tints. There are many different shading options to choose from. Your choice should be based on the appearance and function of the tint since these are the two elements that help to increase your F150’s value. Below are a few of the various types of film:

  • Dyed Film
  • Carbon Film
  • Crystalline
Figure 4. Tinted windows on an F-150.

Pro Tip

Understanding the legal tinting limits in your state can help you avoid an unnecessary citation. If you go pro for the installation, it is best to choose an I.W.F.A. certified professional. This will increase your chances of enjoying longer lasting tints.

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