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Auto part store idiots

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I don't like the parts guys that treat me like I know nothing.

We have one dedicated store where I live. Lucky for me there are a couple guys there that know their stuff.
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I only go to O'reillys even though I have a Autzone and AA about the same distance. I won't go into the nationality difference of the clerks but when you have idiot that knows cars about as much as the english language it's more trouble than it's worth. Couple years ago I applied at Autozone went through the interview and apparently I wasn't qualified even though I was able to answer all the questions quite easily.. maybe I was overqualified who knows? For some reason I really like to have a job at a auto parts store or some parts counter.. seems like a dream job to me. I'll admit I don't know everything or even have a strong mechanic background.. more a shade tree mechanic from the farm.. so it'll probably never happen.
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Originally Posted by pitrow View Post
I always love going to get parts for my race car. It runs a chevy crate engine. It's awesome to go in and ask for a part for a chevy 350 (90% of the parts for which are universal for every 350 every made), and have them ask what year, make and model. The blank stare you get when you say 1994 CJ Rayburn, swingarm chassis, is awesome. One guy thought it was some kind of jeep. And another tried to look it up in the computer for about 5 minutes before I stopped him.

Now on the other hand, the other day I needed a new starter for said race car. Brought the old one in to the local napa and put it on the counter. The guy took one look at it, rattled off a part number from memory and went in the back and grabbed it. That's the kind of service I'm looking for from a parts house.
While it can be a little bit of fun, I hope you let them off the hook, because even though I have worked on this stuff for over 20 years, I wouldn't have had a clue from that description either. And not all Chevy parts are equal, either, there are several variations in water pumps, as well as valve cover sets due to differing bolt arrangements (center vs the 4 bolt edge, different length water pumps and the like)

I get the same kind of attitude from racers that come in expecting me to immediately know what variation of a 9" or 12 bolt or 10 bolt axle they have with no consideration for all the changes through the years. A wheel cylinder would seem to be easy, right? Nope, 3 or more choices... per axle. If you don't know what it came from, be prepared to have thepart there for us to compare to.

As the prepay before ordering, it is corporate policy, not ours. Do you have any idea how many people say they want something (this is even what is in stock) then never show up for it? If I pulled every part that customers say "they will be right up for it" I would have a counter full of parts by the end of the day that have to get put back because of no shows.

I had an argument with a guy on the phone yesterday that wanted to change the plugs on a 5.4. His "mechanic" buddy told him it didn't have spark plugs, and the coils were injectors... he continued to argue with me about it on the phone for a bit, until he finally got it....

We have the "they're all the same " customers regularly, especially know-it-all racers that think every axle, motor, and transmission used by them have no variances... and the ones who have no idea what motor they have, and want motor specific parts... Also, the pay is not enough for most competent mechanics to go there, except us that can't get a job elsewhere doue to injuries and whatnot that prevent us from performing better jobs... So a little understanding, know what you are talking about when you come in, and drop the attitude at the door, and I will do anything I can to get what you need... it is unfortunate that even between our books and the dang data entry people not getting their part done right that we have bad info to work with, or can be difficult to get what we need. I have found even descrepancies in the paper books as well, so don't hang it all on our heads... BTW, I am an employee at AUtozone, but our manager understands the value of experience over cheap, most of theguys at our store have some experience. If they don't know, I get to be the go to guy...
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