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Electric radiator fan ?

Old 11-10-2000, 01:00 PM
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Electric radiator fan ?

I have a 65 F100 that I wish to install an electric radiator cooling fan. I know there are several aftermarket sources that have them but is there a particular model of newer vehicle that has an electric cooling fan and shrould assembly that will closely fit the 18" by 26" radiator opening (29" including the support mount)? I have an electric fan from a 89 Ford Probe (shroud mount was way too small for my 65 although the fan diameter is perfect) that is subject for another question. The fan has three wires, two of large gauge wire and the third of slightly smaller gauge. The larger gauge are black and greyish white (the best I can tell). The smaller gauge wire is a redish color. I am assuming that the larger gauge wires are power and ground but I'm at a loss on the smaller gauge wire. Does anyone know of the proper wiring of this motor to get to operate. Thanks in advance for any assistance that can be provided on either question. Curtis
Old 11-11-2000, 09:07 AM
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Electric radiator fan ?

>I have a 65 F100 that
>I wish to install an
>electric radiator cooling fan

Hi Curtis !

I really don't understand why you want to put an electric cooling fan on your truck. I'm a firm believer in KISS.. Keep it Simple Stupid !!!

The main reason electric fans came out was because of front wheel drive cars. They put the engine in side ways, so the water pump could no longer turn the fan blades.

If I had a 65 Ford F100 and i wanted to modify the fan some how, I guess I'd put a fan clutch on it, and a fan with more blades, and a fan shroud to improve the cooling, to make sure there was no chance of over heating no matter how hot it gets outside...

But if you want to put an electric fan off a Ford Probe on your truck that's fine.. I know you are going to need a temperature sensor, because the fan is contoled by the temperature of the coolant in the radiator. You would probably just need a hot wire, and a ground wire to the engine, and the hot wire would have to go through the temperature sensor before it gets to the motor on the fan.

I'd make sure I had a good temperature gauge and keep an eye on it. If that fan from a Ford Probe doesn't move enough air through the radiator, you will have problems in over heating the engine.

One thing I DO like about an electric fan is, after you shut the engine off, the fan will continue to keep the engine cool. Once the water pump stops turning in an engine, the temperature really rises ! I notice new cars will have the fans running after you shut the car off and walk away from it..

Hope I've been a help to you Curtis..

LeRoy Wolff
84 Ford F150 300 six

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Electric radiator fan ?


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