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Project 92 "Flarestare" UPDATED

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Project 92 "Flarestare" UPDATED

Well i Wanted to share what i have done to my truck.
The Server from the old site i use to post to has had its issues so hunting for old posts may seem caotic and i apologize
What ever i do write following old post will be in Orange.

February 13, 2006

Well i have been busy thats for sure,

"Blown Orange" has been but to the back burner for now till i have more time.

Right now my new Project is well "Flarestare"
its a 95 Flareside that i picked up for a pretty good deal, only thing that was wrong with it was a blown motor.

Now heres how u know this thing is goin on.

Within 12 hours of owning it, i sent it away to get sandblasted underneath, and then Por-15'd and plus this week is gonna be full of surprises.

The colour scheme is gonna be a 2002 Lambourgini "Arancio Atlas"
and from mattadams i borrowed his "Lustre Gray" from Nissan but with a bit more DMD 210 "White". Pretty much half-half but following the the wheel well curves of the front, then flowing straight back to follow the second body line.

ill post the mixtures up later when i get back from the shop in the morning.

First box came today.

And 1 of my High-Flow Cats.

Expect this thread to be updated daily, i still need to take a pic of the Truck too , just i rather get what i can get done asap.

Im sure you guys will like it. Even if its half-dissembled

Its a 92 Flareside 4x4 Reg Cab.
blown 302, soon to take out my stang motor from my 88 f-150

February 15, 2006

Just recieved this baby, plus ill upload some pics of the block getting bored out,

also, quick question, does anyone know anything about a highflow oil pump? need to order one by the end of next week.

The Frame is currently getting painted and the box welded up, paint on the frame is Por-15, and just stayed with the 3 step process, again, pics when i know il not gonna be covered in grease

February 25, 2006

Anyway i've had the digital camera sitting in the truck for about a week, and decided it be best to start posting the new Truck

i thought they would have had to at least painted the cross members. but im happy with the results. Newly rebuilt bed-members. not to mention everything on the underside of the box is painted.

again another side pic of new rails.

There will be 20's after the paint (discussion in pervious posts)

Anyway, im still sand-blasting parts so will take pics later.

March 2, 2006 56K WARNING!!!!!!

Well Finally managed to finish up the Accu-Drive (part # 7892) from edelbrock.
it was such a PITA.
ended up milling all of the pins right down to 0.09 that and i had to hack up my timing cover.
so from a simple "3 hour" job to a 2 day affair....Not cool
but whats done is done, now i just have to reasemble.
managed to put on the cover and new pump

More pics tomorrow...

Heres the front of the cover. Managed to clean it up fairly well.

heres the inside. it was pretty baked with carbon so it took almost all day for it to come clean. It sat in paint thinners for about 6 hours and went to town with a stainless-steel tooth brush.(notice the "nikey fin thingy")

again this is from the inside of the cover but on a side angle (you can see the fin clearly)

and heres how much of the fin had to be removed.

again another side angle of "after"

heres the front of the HO block and its "nekid"ness
(always make sure your on TDC)

timing gears in place after grinding the &%#$ idler gears down (did i mention this was the PITA part???)

another test fit after another test fit, after another...after another...after another

after getting them...well better than what edelbrock had intended.

and from the "O-Clip's" to the top of each idler pin was what you see here....

im nuts, ill let you know how it affects my knock sensor tomorrow.
(FYI, Im on my 4th Motor the 3rd was a manufactuors error)

March 3, 2006
Started it at 5pm EST
for the first 5 mins it sounded really rough (like someone was smashing the insides with a hammer.

Then all of a sudden it just purred.
Im surprised the timming gears didn't blow out the front end.

ill know more when its actually ready for a test drive.

this weekends goal is to drop the tranny.
maybe have time to install the B&M shift improver kit, run the lines for the B&M shiftplus and paint
then ill be sending the truck out to Rob (sandblasting guy i know)
to get the underneath of the cab sandblasted and the rest of the frame and driveline.

Ordered the new fuel lines, steering pump, rad, locker, universals, mounts(after sandblasting they are pretty much destroyed)

total tally of bill so far:
$5600 est
*minus the price of the truck
Now still need to find the perfect rim...

More pics guarented tomorrow

Then it Seems like the server lost all the other post

April 18, 2006
well im still at the shop and about 15 min ago, The truck came back from sandblasting.

Never thought it would look this good

Pics are worth a thousand words.

I didnt think a floor could shine like that

Few fine details to be done with the brush but its a frame up.

think i'll make it for the May 6th GTG lol
(and Sry about the pictures, seems like the html is coded differently then it use to be)

May 8, 2006
Hey guys, figure i let you know i'm still alive. Have been trying to make some moola.
well just got the bill for the truck.... funny thing is that i thing i surpassed its retail value in 92 by a thousand bucks.

Final Bill: $10,935.40

man... thats not including the engine,rims, or rubber....

so i think i will hold off on paint till next year i think lol

which means ill be able to drive it sooner than expected.

heres some of the labour.
R&R Timing Chain
Machine Timing Chain
Safety Inspection
Hazardous Waste Disposal
Sublet Box rails, and sandblasting
Sublet Full Frame Sublasting/Por-15 PAINT
R&R U-joints
Test fit exhaust
R&R Calipers
R&R Transmission
Install Trans Go Kit
R&R Front driveline axles
Replace rear main seal
Replace Fuel Lines
R&R Rear Wheel cylinders
R&R rear shoes
Replace Fuel Tank/Sender
Replace Brake Lines

i guess i'll be keeping this truck for awhile, lol

ill post some "Somewhat" completed pics tonight
(when i realized im insane...)

August 2, 2006
well finally found some shop time to bring in the beast again. For the next 2 1/2 weeks.... the shop has transformed somehow into a crazy episode of overhaulin. millions of ford pieces everywhere from sandblasting, rewiring engine main, etc. actually seems like i might be bringing this puppy out in a few weeks!!!!!

Even the Boss managed to sneak a shot of me while i was working....

So slowly but surely.... it will be done......
and the plus side is......


August 9, 2006
hmmm guess what id did today.........


August 10, 2006
u know.... that would be a good idea....... but it would then become a trailer queen..... but...NOPE

hmmm without givin it away......
Had to use..... Airtools?

August 10, 2006

Even Better........

First was metal work...

Second was Epoxy Primer

Then Primer

Half the Truck in the Booth...

Then Base Coat White.... (yes means nice colour...)

Now.... this is where the Magic Happens..........

Now Only good things happen from a colout like that........

I love that PRL93 GOLD Pearl........

Check back tomorrow.......
I might have a record install of panels

August 11, 2006
Wow... one helluva day....
Managed to even reassemble the whole clip and paint a few hidden bolds and nuts but here we go,

Not Bad for 24 hours since last post eh Guys?,

Thinking about it now, it would have made more sense to just leave the valve covers and plentum off to paint but 1 week to Go, plenty of time, still have to finish up the Box and actually... Paint it!

But man, you Guys should see everything just "Glow"

(again the server lost the rest of that)

August 31, 2006
Well its the end of August......
Summer has finally come and gone.... well till the end of labour day anyway.

I managed to finish painting the Cab, and let me tell you......
it's one of those moments..... I can't hardly wait to drive her.
I feel like a guy who hasn't had sex in months....
I need my FIX!!!!

I guess the Box is finally finished its Body Work aswell,
just minor repairs to the fiberglass and cancer in the bed.

That and I found some rock piles close to my place, where they are building a few new homes..... and well
Couldn't Resist

The Reverse Lights are on in Park.......That a bad thing.... too much flex

So, Guys, ...... Think she'll come together????

September 26, 2006
well, just have to wait for the running board brackets that i made up to go on, but i dont see that being an issue tomorrow,

That and i have to pop off the front rims to do some touch up work, but tell me what you guys think!!!!!!!!

Also have a video of the exhaust,...... sounds sweet!! 34330


More Pics under 92 Flarestare

so i guess i can finally start moddin!!!

October 21, 2006
(This is where everything Went Down Hill)

well im pissed off...... just f&*(ked up my truck.
im alive and well the deer isn't
lets just say if it were id wring its neck myself......
but killed him first, the SOB.

so now im gonna go beat my fist into a bloody pulp........

see u in the morning.....

October 21, 2006
thanks guys, its the morning after... its just sinkin in.... and that deer, well i dragged him off the highway with help from my friend, no sence causing more than one accident....

i think im gonna go get some ice, and see if i can borrow my sisters car to make a trip to the hospital, on account of being really frustrated last night......

which now i can agree was totally stupid.....

anythin built by man can be fixed by man....

dude, my insurance company will never give me enough to repair that.....
and the deer just had to clip my headlight and fender, and not my bumper.... in the statement i said jumpped, and was "in air" alot so i think i covered the who outta nowhere bit.

i feel like a bag of smashed*******s

October 5, 2007
Hey guys, sry i havent been around too much just managed to get my computer all hooked up with the one day ive had off in over 3 months.

Well i went back to Ontario a lil while ago to see how my baby was doin and so far so good, heres some update pics.

So lets start off, with assembely Mid last year.

Then completion late last Year

Then Hitting a Deer about a week later at 120km

After driving it around town for about 2 weeks before storage.

and most recent, which all body damage has been repaired.

December 10, 2007
finally after a year.

shes finished..

and better tell me what you guys think.

So i guess this is Rebuild #2..

and dont want a #3.

December 10, 2007
I think the next step is to paint the front Bumper and give it that lightning look. im still out in Alberta and my poor truck is still in Ontario :sad but atleast my company truck is a 06 dually :happy

im bookin my holidays for the summer next year so ill be back around. just you know how it is when you work out West. Money's good.... crappy accomidations

just moved into my new place and i swear its the size of a prison cell, not that i know or anything.

Chris, the Colour is 2001 Lambourgini Arancio Atlas

Devlyn! whats up Bud!!!
long time no chat! hows your progress goin???

yes im deffinatly up for some meets when i get back, you'll have to plan something around the time i get back, wont know if my holidays are confermed till late jan.

hows good ole Ontario! man i miss being home!
Hows school goin?

Again thanks for your comments guys means a lot!

(So theres a Bunch this Truck went through, so im at that stage in 2007 that its back to Original with No Rust with an apprasal of 18,500. Brad i can Scan my paper work for ya)

This should be a good start for now so im at the End of 2007. couple more years to go.
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Yes and all the posts I've reposted are over 6 years old from a now defunct website. Give me time I'll replace with what I remember.
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