What the Truck?!? Man Finds Random Ford Pickup in his Driveway

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Ford truck

Once he starts poking around, it becomes less of a whodunit and more of ‘who smoked what.’

Someone definitely woke up saying “Dude, where’s my car?” Kansas City, Missouri resident James Delong woke up recently to find a nice red Ford truck parked in his driveway. Cool, right? Well, it might have been, if the truck intended for Delong. But unfortunately it initially just appeared that someone had mistakenly parked their ride in his driveway.

Delong told local news KSHB that he called the police. The officers informed him it might be awhile before they were able to respond. While waiting, Delong decided to check out the truck. And, well, it all started to make sense.

“I found a bag of meth in there, I found a crack pipe.” Delong said. Well, that would explain why someone might forget where they parked their truck. Or that they even had a truck.

However it got a little more suspect when Delong uncovered multiple phones, stolen checks, and evidence of a lot of shady activities; in addition to the drugs.

Ford truck

As Delong was waiting for the tow truck to show, the truck’s owner showed up. But not for the truck, for the drugs.

“I guess the meth was the most valuable thing in there,” said Delong.

The truck was eventually towed away, and maybe will one day find a good owner through a police auction. In the meantime, just say no, and remember where you park!

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