F-150 Lightning Burnout in a Parking Lot: Tire Smokin’ Tuesday

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Action from an older Woodward Dream Cruise, with an F-150 smoking the tires in the rain.

Detroit’s Woodward Dream Cruise is a unique event, with tens of thousands of cruisers hitting the street while hundreds of thousands of people watch from the side of the road. The Dream Cruise is held annual in Metro Detroit in mid-August, so in looking for a video to feature for this week’s Tire Smokin’ Tuesday, we were looking for action from this year’s Woodward event. Unfortunately, nothing interesting was found for this year’s cruise, but we found a video from 2010 on the YouTube channel of TheDanberg71, when a Ford F-150 SVT Lightning took advantage of the wet parking lot to do a smoky, low-RPM burnout for a small crowd.

Quick, Quiet Burnout

Anyone who has attended the Woodward Dream Cruise will tell you that burnouts are a common thing to see on the street and in the many parking lots lining the lengthy event route. However, while burnouts are common, they aren’t legal, so those drivers who dare smoke the tires risk getting a ticket.

F-150 Lightning Woodward Burnout

Evidently, the owner of this Ford F-150 decided to do a quick burnout in a wet parking lot where he was less likely to be spotted by police. The space is a bit tight, so it isn’t the best place to do a smoky burnout, but the driver does a few things to help keep the truck under control during the burnout. Most notably, he keeps the engine speeds low, feathering the throttle while still keeping the tires spinning while also keeping the Lightning in place while holding the quick smoke show.

Also, with the engine speeds staying low, the truck isn’t making as much noise as it would at wide open throttle, lessening the chances of an officer rushing to write a burnout ticket.

The Walk-Around

The video begins with the cameraman standing at the passenger’s side rear corner of the truck as the F-150 driver smokes the tires fairly gently. As the video progresses, the person behind the camera moves around the rear of the truck to the front driver’s-side corner, letting us hear the whine of the supercharger during the burnout.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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