Military Veteran’s Patriotic F-150 Deserves a Salute!

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Ron Elliott and his F-150 Front

Unique 1998 Ford truck provides an awesome service to families of fallen soldiers, but its owner needs some help getting it repaired.

Ron Elliott is a 71-year-old Vietnam veteran who lives in Delaware with his eye-catching Ford F-150. Local radio station WDEL recently did a story on Elliott, his truck and the inspirational service that he provides to families of fallen American soldiers. For the past 50 years, Elliott has been using his own truck to provide free transportation of fallen soldiers from the funeral home to their final resting place.

The Patriotic F-150

For the past 20 years, Elliott has been relying on the uniquely decorated 1998 Ford F-150 shown here. As you can see, the truck has some routine customization upgrades, like the molded running boards, an aftermarket front bumper, a windshield visor and a body-colored bed cap. However, those are likely the last things that you notice when you first see this Ford truck.

1998 F-150 Military Hease Side

From front to back, top to bottom, this Ford F-150 is covered with patriotic images. There are murals covering much of the bed cap, the bed sides, the doors and the hood. The portions of the cap not covered in murals has a long list of names of fallen soldiers from the state of Delaware, making this F-150 a touching military tribute.

However, the exterior is just the beginning. The bed of this F-150 has a roller system similar to what you would find in a hearse, allowing Elliott to use his Ford truck to transport the remains of fallen soldiers safely. In addition to the rollers, the inside of the cap is lined with American flags, while a pair of boots, a rifle and a helmet are affixed to the area just inside of the tailgate on each side of the truck.

1998 F-150 Military Hearse Inside

It is the perfect military hearse.

Veteran in Need

Ron Elliott has devoted his life to making sure that no fallen soldier in his area is unable to reach their proper final resting place and he provides this service free of charge. That is great for the families of the fallen soldiers, but it is not so great for Elliott or his F-150. At this point, the truck is in need of a variety of big repairs and he does not have the money to make those repairs.

Elliott's F-150 Front

Fortunately, a friend of Ron Elliott’s has started a GoFundMe account and this story has been getting more attention from the media, so with any luck, the people looking to help continue this service will be able to raise the funds to help this great man.

Photos: GoFundMe

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