Watch a Ford F-250 Limited Transform into a Show Truck

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Big lift kit, custom wheels & a frame-off paint job make for one stunning F-250.

In stock form, the 2018 Ford F-250 is a big truck, but the video above shows the ¾-ton F-Series pickup transforming from an average Super Duty to a stunning show truck. This video comes to us from the Salinas Photography YouTube channel and it quickly shows the process that this truck went through in becoming an even more-super Super Duty.

Custom 2018 Ford F-250 Limited

The F-250 Gets Customized

The details on this 2018 Ford F-250 Limited are short, but the video begins as the high-riding Super Duty rolls into the parking lot of Da Drop Shop Off-Road & Powder Coating in Midland, Texas. The truck already has some huge aftermarket wheels and low-profile tires when it arrives at the shop and it looks like it might be sitting a bit higher than stock as well, but the shop had big plans for this big Ford truck.

As the title explains, this F-250 enters the shop destined for a set of 26-inch tall by 16-inch wide wheels wrapped in a set of 40-inch tall tires, but this is more than just a wheel/tire package swap.

The Build

Once the truck was in the shop, the 2018 F-250 Limited was stripped down to the chassis, where the frame was painted pearl white to match the body of the truck. Next, the key components of a 10-inch lift package from Full Throttle Suspension was power coated purple and paired with a set of purple springs, while a set of shocks with remote reservoirs were added to handle the ride. Also, some components under the truck were power coated in silver, combining with the chromed driveshaft to give the underside of this new luxury truck a complete silver-and-purple theme.

Finally, once the suspension bits were all bolted up, the shop took a set of 26×16 American Force wheels and power coated much of them in matching purple while leaving the face bright silver. Those wheels were then wrapped in 40-inch tires and bolted up to complete the build.

The video ends by offering us a look at the customized 2018 Ford F-250 Limited from every angle including a look from under the truck and from angle, this truck looks great.

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