Upgrading the Side Mirrors of Your 1999-2007 Ford F-350

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F-350 with Newer Mirrors

Adding newer mirrors to your F-350 improves visibility, and as Truck Trend shows, the swap is surprisingly simple.

Ford Motor Company changed the design of the exterior mirrors on the Super Duty pickups for the 2008 model year. These mirrors are bigger in every dimension, offering better visibility for those truck-owners who regular pull a big trailer and the team at Truck Trend has put together a piece showing how to add the newer mirrors to your 1999 through 2007 F-350.

2007-to-2008 Mirror Differences

As you can see in the images here from Truck Trend, the exterior mirrors on the 1999 through 2007 Ford F-350 are smaller than the mirrors introduced for the 2008 model year in every way. The casing itself is not as sturdy, but more importantly, the rounded mirror of the earlier trucks offers less field of vision than the rectangular mirrors of the newer Ford trucks.

New and Old Ford Super Duty Mirors

Also, the newer mirrors have integrated turn signals on the front of the case while some of the newer trucks also have heated mirrors. With enough wiring know-how, owners of the older trucks can swap to the newer mirrors and gain those new features while maintaining the power controls and having a better view of what is going around alongside the trailer.

The Swap

Once you have purchased the mirrors that you plan to install, the easiest part of this swap is replacing the old mirrors with the new units. After you remove the inner-door trim piece, the mirrors simply unbolt and unplug from the wiring harness to take them completely off of the truck. The newer mirrors will then bolt right up to the truck with the same holes, so the act of physically swapping the mirrors is as easy as loosening and tightening some bolts.

The hard part of this swap is getting all of the wiring to match up, as the harness for the older trucks doesn’t have the spot for the heaters or the lights. Because of this, you will have to buy a new harness connector and run some wires to make the new features work, but the Truck Trend article walks us through each step.

2008 Super Duty Mirrors

The article also included pricing and part numbers for the harness and the mirrors themselves, running $1,220 before any of the extra wiring, connectors or other small parts. That is a big chunk of change for a relatively simple modification, but for someone who frequently tows a large trailer with their F-350, this swap makes navigating the world quite a bit easier.

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