Watch a Drone Land on a Moving F-150 at Night

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F-150 Drone Landing

Drone piloting is more than just an expensive hobby or a way to take out international terrorists. It’s become a booming business, but there are some pilots who are more highly skilled than others.

To prove his skill, and try something never before tried, Chris Bacik attempts to land a drone on a moving pickup truck traveling at night.

Bacik says he was inspired to do this because of the LED box lighting that is in the 2015 F-150. The new F-150 is full of LED lights, including quad-beam LED headlights and full-LED taillights. Side spotter mirrors make seeing at night a breeze, and the bed lights make it easy to check on your cargo.

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Working with Ford Canada, Bacik creates a landing pad to go on the back of the 2015 F-150. To prevent the wind from a moving truck destroying the drone, the surface of the landing pad has to be magnetic (meaning the bed of the F-150 wouldn’t work).

f-150 drone landing 2

Bacik modifies the drone with bright LED lights of differing colors. That way he can easily see which way the drone is facing at night.

Of course he’s a success in what looks like a difficult landing. Was the F-150 needed for a stunt like this? No. But it is pretty cool to watch.

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