Immaculate Green 1965 Shelby Cobra Clone

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It’s impossible not to appreciate a car as unique as this. This 1965 Shelby Cobra clone by Era Replica Automobiles and sold through RK Motors Charlotte, and it is definitely an immaculate beauty.

Not only is this ride one of the most respected and honored in automotive history, but it is also beautiful and ready to drive for the right owner. Painted in Wimbledon White and Mitsubishi Lucerne Green Mica paint, it looks just as gorgeous and amazing as it truly is. There is no way to exaggerate the perfection of this ride!

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The Shelby sports a 302 cubic inch High Output Ford crate engine, a Borg Warner T5 5-speed manual transmission, a Jaguar rear axle with 3.73 gears, fully independent suspension with Jaguar rear suspension, rack and pinion steering, four wheel disc brakes, seventy-two spoke Dayton wire wheels,and a leather 427-style interior equipped with a heater and defroster. Overall, this is one excellent automobile that has received the star treatment.

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Unfortunately for any curious buyers, this ride has already been sold. However, there are many different classic beauties waiting at RK Motors Charlotte! Feel free to view some more pictures and information on the wondrous Shelby Cobra! And don’t forget to watch the video below and listen to this glorious green-and-white classic purr!

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