V8-Powered Ford Ranger is a Work of Art Five Years in the Making

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This 1999 truck features 2011 body work, parts from a Lightning and Mustang, and painstaking attention to detail.

Anyone who has the technical know-how and takes the time to put a V8 into a Ford Ranger has admirable amounts of intelligence and perseverance. Doing that takes enormous quantities of planning, research, adjusting on the fly, and troubleshooting. However, there are levels to Ford Ranger V8 conversions. Not all of them are created equal. Just putting a 5.0 into a Ranger is one thing; what you see here is on an entirely different level.

A man named Jeff Brown created a V8-powered Ranger that’s as visually attractive as it is impressively detailed. He went far beyond just throwing a V8 under the hood. Over the course of five years, he completely remade his truck to his exacting standards. He removed every body panel and stripped the Ranger down to its frame so he could media blast it. Brown’s truck started life as a 1999, but he switched parts of the body out for 2011 panels. He sanded every one of those, then covered them in a gleaming, mirror-like coat of Tuxedo Black Metallic from Ford’s 2011 color catalog.

ford-trucks.com Ford Ranger with a 306 V8

Down low, Brown added a set of shiny five-spoke wheels that bring the 2003-2004 Mustang SVT Cobra to mind. The custom Ranger V8 Sport badges hint at what’s under the hood. Brown yanked out the old 3.0-liter V6 and replaced it with a “mild” 306 cubic-inch V8 that features 24-pound injectors and significantly ported heads. Output at the crank is an estimated 360 horsepower.

The inside is equally impressive. Just like he did with the exterior, Brown spent his time making the inside of his truck just the way he wanted it. He removed every plastic panel, sanded it, and sprayed it with black paint. He threw out the original front seats for a heated pair from Katzkin Leather whose headrests were embroidered to echo the words on the exterior badges. Luckily, he was able to find an elusive from-the-factory F-150 SVT Lightning steering wheel. Above that is an Alcantara headliner; below is a trio of Shelby GT500 Mustang pedals.

As cool as this Ranger looks, it’s not a show truck. Brown uses it for work six to seven days a week. That’s fitting because this is one helluva job well done.

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