F-150 is Aaron Rodgers’ Go-to Guy: Throwback Thursday

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F-150 is America’s most popular, hardest-working truck, but it is also a great wide receiver.

This week’s “Throwback Thursday” comes to us from the GTB-Houston YouTube channel and it features a commercial for the 2012 Ford F-150. In this Wisconsin-focused spot, we see the half-ton truck doing normal truck stuff before playing a little catch with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Go-to Guy

This Ford truck commercial begins with an information car that explains that it was made in September 2012 by the Team Detroit advertising company and the spot is titled “Go-to Guy.” This commercial begins like your average F-150 advertisement, with hard-working men loading logs, bales of hay and lumber into the bed of their Ford trucks, including both half-ton and Super Duty pickups.

Super Duty 2012 NFL Ad

The narrator talks about how these hard-working guys are up and dawn and out until dusk, leading people to count on them and those guys count on the Ford F-Series. These guys are then labeled as “go-to guys” in Wisconsin, with a football coming from off-camera right into their breadbaskets.

Aaron Rodgers for Ford

After each of the hard-working Ford truck drivers have caught the ball, the footage switches to NFL champion quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who proclaims that the F-Series is Wisconsin’s go-to truck.

He then spins towards the dirt road behind him just as a 2012 F-150 rolls past, and although the truck is well off in the distance, Rodgers is able to throw the ball into the bed of the moving truck. Football fans might equate this to the Ford truck being Jordy Nelson running a slant route on third-and-long, with Rodgers effortlessly hitting his moving target.

In the comments, many viewers shared that after making this commercial, Rodgers was talking about it on ESPN Radio and he claimed that hitting the bed of the moving truck from this distance only took him two tries.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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