Unscathed Ford Super Duty Keeps Souvenir from Hit-and-Run

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Super Duty Bumper

Hitting someone in a parking lot and driving off is really not cool. But the person who drove off left some pivotal clues behind.

While Peter Paul was inside shopping, his Ford Super Duty pickup truck, parked out in the lot, was hit by someone. He’s not mad about it, though. Because the person who drove off left behind a pivotal piece of their car: the front bumper.

Paul guessed on Facebook that someone parked behind him and hit the gas instead of the brake pedal, causing the car to hit the rear of his Ford truck. But instead of actually hitting the rear of his truck, it hit his trailer hitch. It was the lodged in the front bumper.

The driver of the car decided that he or she wanted to leave the scene of the crime. When the driver backed up, the trailer hitch didn’t let go of the bumper and the driver then drove off without the front clip.

Apparently this the third time that this has happened to Paul, which seems incredible, but believable.

Remember, don’t be a jerk and drive off from the scene of a crash, whether it’s on the street or in a parking lot. Also, don’t mess with a Ford truck. In this case karma was delivered swift and promptly to the driver of the red Honda, who now has an even larger repair bill, and an interesting explanation for his insurance company or the body shop.

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