FTE Creates the 1980s Ford Excursion that Never Was

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Ever wondered what the Excursion would’ve looked like had Ford jumped into third-row SUVs much earlier?

We at Ford Truck Enthusiasts live for Ford trucks. Normally, that’s a lot of fun, but sometimes we get bored and come up with weird stuff like, “What if Chevy owners didn’t suck and were actually nice folks?” or “What would an ’80s Excursion look like?”

While none of our colleagues could solve our first dilemma, our trusty automotive designer Pratyush Rout was able to give us a hand with the latter. In doing so, he created this stunning rendition of a 1980s Ford Excursion.

Ford’s first four-door, full-size SUV didn’t arrive until 1997, when the Expedition debuted as the Bronco successor. Fast forward two years and the Ford Excursion wowed the media for the very first time at the 1999 Dallas Auto Show. Launching as a 2000 model, it marked the Blue Oval’s first real venture into the full-size, heavy-duty SUV segment.

1980s Reimagined Ford Excursion

Compare that to the Chevy Suburban, which launched in 1935 and had already been on sale for a whopping 62 years by the time Ford built an SUV for the whole family.

It seems that our wandering brain actually turned up something pretty good this time. According to Rout, the design derives from a mix of an early ’80s Bronco and an F-150. And since the real Ford Excursion used that generation’s Ford Econoline taillights, this one does, too!


The Excursion first wowed the media at the 1999 Dallas Auto Show. Launching as a 2000 model, it marked Ford’s venture into the full-size, heavy-duty SUV segment.


Unfortunately, our drawing is only that — and therefore does not need any engine. But if it did, it would most likely be offered with the period correct 460 C.I. V8, 351 C.I. V8, or even the 420 C.I. diesel V8.

What would your own dream configuration of this bad boy look like?

Update: Many of you have shared your Centurion Classic conversions in response and we will have an entire follow up article dedicated to that unique vehicle. Stay tuned to FTE!

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