Truckin’ Fast Wednesday: V8 Ranger Toasts Nissan 370Z

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Ford truck

Little Ford Ranger with a big V8 leads to a pickup that can make short work of a Nissan sports car.

This week’s “Truckin’ Fast Wednesday” video features a Ford Ranger that has been worked for proper domination on the drag strip. The details are short, but we know that this Ranger is powered by a 302 cubic inch V8 that has been stroked to 347 cubic inches and topped with a set of Dart heads. We can also see that this truck is rear-wheel drive with some big, beefy tires tucked under the flared besides. And from the sound of this small Ford truck during the run, we know that it is fitted with an automatic transmission.

So, what do you get when you install a 347 cubic inch V8 stroker motor and the associated drivetrain items into a small Ford Ranger? You get a small Ford truck that will beat down a great many performance cars, including the Nissan 370Z in the video below.

Unfortunately, this video begins as the 347-powered Ford Ranger rolls out of the water box, with the sticky Hoosier drag slicks heated up and ready for action. The 370Z is already staged when the Ranger rolls into the beams, and this is the closest the little Nissan will get to the old school Ford pickup, as this race is over pretty much as soon as it begins.

When the green lights drop, the Ranger quickly pulls out to an early lead. Even though the launch doesn’t look all that great, the Ford truck immediately takes a big lead and the driver never had to look back, as we can see that on the big end – the Ranger raced to an easy win.

Due to some questionable camera work, we don’t get to see what these vehicles run, but in looking at other videos of this Ford Ranger, we know that it tends to run in the 11.5-11.7 range, which is more than enough to stomp the 370Z.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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