Tire Smokin’ Tuesday: Ford Ranger Does Monster Burnout

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Ford truck

Proof that a Ford Ranger Doesn’t Need a Big V8 to do Great Burnouts

This week’s “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” video features a “last generation” Ford Ranger doing a quick burnout at the 2016 Sloppy Mechanics Dyno Day in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, there are no details on this Ranger, but we can tell from the sound that it is definitely not a V8-swap truck. Many of the Rangers which we feature have traded their stock 4-cylinder or V6 for a small block V8–but this truck sounds like it is packing the factory V6.

However, the torquey little V6 has no problem putting a serious smokin’ to the rear tires for the duration of this brief burnout.

When the video begins, this black Ford Ranger is already spinning the tires hard, with smoke pouring out the back end with enough gusto that the cloud begins to envelop the front end of the truck after just a few seconds. As the cameraman moves closer to the Ranger, the smoke just continues to mount, spreading along the ground and into the crowd as the V6 engine roars.

Ford truck

After only about 10 seconds of action, the driver of the Ford Ranger lets off of the brakes and the truck rolls forward. The rear tires, however, continue to smoke as the little truck races off into the distance.

As the Ranger cruises down the street and the burnout ends, we can see that this compact Ford truck looks relatively stock, so while it might be a bit louder than your average Ranger from that generation, this truck doesn’t appear to be heavily modified. As many V6 Ranger owners already know, this video shows that you don’t need a big V8 swap for your small Ford truck to do big burnouts.

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