Winner Predicted He’d Land Reman’d F-350 Prize

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Extreme makeover of 2009 F-350 wowed ConExpo before lucky contest winner from Mexico drove off with unique, star-spangled ride.

There is something to be said for arriving early to a planned event instead of waltzing in at the last minute to make a fashionably late entrance. On March 10, Jose Humberto Avila was an early visitor to the ConExpo in Vegas, killing time at the IronDirect booth and checking out an attention-grabbing Ford Super Duty F-350 that was being given away by the company. IronDirect was there to roll out its new Reman Trucks remanufacturing service. However, it was the company’s reman Ford truck that stole the spotlight with its cool patriotic American flag graphics that beautifully cover the entire beast of a truck.

In an unusual twist that proves the power of positive thinking, days ahead of being named the winner of the Super Duty, Avila and his business partner, Juan Carlos Gomez, had reportedly predicted that they would win the new Ford truck.


‘If they didn’t tell me it was a 2009 model, I would have thought it was a 2016 [F-350].’


“We came [to ConExpo] and said, ‘We’re going to win this truck,'” says Avila in a press statement. “We had the feeling this would be our truck… [But] I’ve never won anything [before]. This is my first time.”

Avila, whose company repairs and re-manufactures hydraulics components, says he was impressed with the quality of the remanufactured F-350. “It looks really good,” he says. “It’s impressive what [IronDirect is] doing. If they didn’t tell me it was a 2009 model, I would have thought it was a 2016 [F-350].”

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