Truckin’ Fast Johnny Lightning F-150 Runs 8s

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lightning run still

This week’s Truckin’ Fast video features a wicked SVT Lightning F-150 appropriately named Johnny Lightning. I don’t know much about this truck, other than the fact that it is powered by a supercharged 389 cubic inch stroker motor and that it has clearly been modified from front to back to be the best race truck possible – with a unique take on the Cobra Jet logo along the side making for one great looking race truck.

After a short walkaround, we are treated to three quarter mile blasts by the Johnny Lightning F-150. On the first run, the black F-150 runs another Ford truck and beats it with a time of 8.82 and a speed of 144.86 mph. On the second run, the Lightning smacks around a 3rd gen Camaro while running an 8.88 at 153 miles per hour and on the final run – which appears to be a bracket race with a truck dialed 12.50 – the hero of the video runs an 8.75 on an 8.80 dial. Fortunately, the other truck ran a 12.43 on a 12.50, so the SCT Lightning should have continued on to the next round.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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