Truckin’ Fast Wednesday Presented by Nitto Tire

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Watch as this Ford F-150 becomes the first EcoBoost-powered pickup to run the quarter-mile in the 11-second range.

This week’s “Truckin’ Fast Wednesday” video comes to us from the YouTube account of SSi Performance Tuning and it features what is allegedly the first EcoBoost F-150 in the 11s, making it the quickest EcoBoost-powered F-150 in the world – at least when this video was posted back in May. We haven’t been able to find any evidence that this was not the first EcoBoost F-150 and there could be quicker trucks running this setup at this point, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this half ton Ford pickup gets down the track in impressive fashion.

1st 11-second EcoBoost F-150

Unfortunately, there are no details on the modifications made to this Ford F-150, but we know that it is running a tune from Southern Speed Inc. and it has a set of Hoosier drag tires out back for the best traction possible. Honestly, with quarter-mile results like this, we would guess that there has been more done than just a tune and adding some sticky tires, but we really don’t need a mod list to appreciate a great run – and that is exactly what we have here.

The EcoBoost F-150 in this video is running against a very loud 9-second drag car, so we can’t hear the twin turbocharged V6 at all while the two scoot down the track, but it is clear that the half ton Ford is covering ground in a hurry. We can see the dragster run a 9.64 to beat the basic-looking pickup, but the F-150 isn’t far behind – laying down a run of 11.795 with a trap speed of 115.30 miles per hour. On that record-setting run, the EcoBoost F-150 had a 1.71 short time and in the 8th mile, this full-sized truck with a 3.5L V6 engine ran a 7.555 at 93.16 miles per hour.

There could be other EcoBoost F-150s on the road at this point, but this Ford pickup is impressive, to say the least.

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