Racing Veteran Randy Pobst Learns to Manhandle a Raptor (Video)

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As Ford truck fans, we tend to forget what it was like the first time we took a truck off-road. You know, the joy of leaving the asphalt and venturing into unknown terrain. The pure excitement of catching a little air or simply getting covered in slop was thrilling. Unfortunately, after a while, it gets old.

However, it’s still a blast watching other people feel that rush for the first time. That’s exactly what happens to famous race car driver Randy Pobst when he gets behind the wheel of a Ford Raptor and hits an off-road track for the first time.


This Motor Trend YouTube video features an episode of The Racing Line, where Pobst leaves the comfort of road courses and tries his luck on dirt at the wheel of the first-generation Ford Raptor. To help him conquer this new venture, he has enlisted the help of pro driver John Williams. At first, Williams lets Pobst take a lap to see how he handles it. Unsurprisingly, he approaches off-road racing like he does regular road racing. The result isn’t ideal.

After learning a bit of the mechanics that make off-road trucks different from race cars, Pobst learns a few tips and hits the track again. The difference is dramatic as he learns when to brake, accelerate, how to tackle bumps, and finally, how to jump the truck. After hearing him “woo hoo!” and “yeah!” throughout the video, you’ll probably be itching to try your hand at the course.

Sadly, unless you have access to a Raptor and a professional off-road race track, you’ll just have to live vicariously through Pobst. But hey, that’s not so bad at all, right?

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