TRUCKIN FAST Ford Ranger Destroys Chevrolet Corvette

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ranger v corvette

This week’s Truckin’ Fast features an older Ford Ranger pickup taking on a Chevrolet Corvette on what looks to be an 8th mile drag strip.

There is no solid information on this Ranger, but we know from the description that it has a small block V8 on the bottle and a trick suspension setup.

It also obviously has some big sticky tires that allow the little Ford truck to rip the front wheels off of the line when the light turns green.

The Corvette also gets a seemingly solid launch, but right out of the hole, the nitrous-fed Ford Ranger jumps out to a lead and he never looks back.

Towards the top end of the short drag strip, the Corvette misses a gear and makes the beating even worse, but in the end, this Ranger runs an awesome 8th mile time of just 6.41 seconds with a trap speed of 92.93 miles per hour.

The Corvette is obviously modified a bit, as it runs a 7.16 at 98 miles per hour, but it wasn’t enough to keep up with this wicked little Ranger.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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