How to Make Donuts in an Office with a 427 Shelby Cobra

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The 427 Shelby Cobra is among the coolest cars ever built. It’s lightweight. Power is through the damn roof, which it doesn’t have. And was built to beat Ferrari. It’s the American dream.

Or at least it was in the 1960’s. Now though, the American dream involves cheeseburgers and hopefully one day paying off your student loans.

However, that doesn’t negate the fact that the 427 Shelby Cobra is still a righteous piece of engineering and hotrodding. That said, this video below shows off the hooligan spirit that inhabits all that own one.

Check out this 427 Shelby Cobra as it does a massive indoor burnout around what appears to be an office space without any desks.

Am I right? AMERICA! I wonder what this guys’ upstairs neighbors thought as this thing barks and shouts its way through the building. Or why all of a sudden there was smoke coming out of every vent hole in the office.

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