TRUCK PULLIN’ Ford Ranger Pulls for 287 Feet!

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ranger pulling 1

While I know that there are people who participate in truck pulling competitions with midsized trucks, I really don’t see many of them, so when this video of a Ford Ranger hooked to the big sled came across my desk, I couldn’t pass it up. There are no details on this Ford Ranger, but based on the sound as it passes the camera, I would guess that it isn’t far from stock right down to the suspension – which is really strained as the Ranger moves down the track.

We can hear that this Ranger is competing in the 5,000 lb class, so it likely went against some full sized pickups, but with a pull of 287 feet, this little Ford was able to finish 4th in the class.

Crank up your speakers to enjoy the announcer (since the truck is so quiet) and enjoy!

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