Ford Caspi Wagon Concept: Be Still Our Beating Hearts

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Wagons, you’ll hear auto journalists from around the globe talking about them, whispering about them, caressing them, and generally making fools of themselves due to their love of the humble station wagon.

But when it comes time to actually buy something, most auto journalists, since we’re not paid all that much, get a hatchback instead. The wagon’s smaller cousin.


That said, if Ford were to ever bring out a wagon like this Caspi Concept, we’re fairly certain a lot of journalists, and regular people alike would be shouting shut up and take our money.


The Ford Caspi concept comes from the same designer that did the Revzani Beast. A 500 horsepower supercar that seemed to have mated with a go-kart.

The designer, Samir Sadikhov calls the Caspi an “advanced sport wagon,” and while we’re not sure what that means, the end result is a car that looks absolutely stunning from almost every angle.


Rather than a straightforward wagon, Sadikhov created a wagon/shooting brake design that very much harks back to the days of the bread van racecars of the early 60s.

While Ford has been straying away from big V8s, we’d love to see a version of this Caspi Wagon with the 5.2L flat-plane crank V8 from the new Shelby GT350 twins.

But the question remains, if Ford ever had the guts to do something like this, would any of you actually buy it? Sound off in the comments below.

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