Tire Smokin’ Tuesday: Big Bronco Roasts Huge Mud Tires (Video)

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Big Tires On a Big Bronco Leads to a Big Smoke Show

This week’s “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” video features an old school full size Ford Bronco participating in the burnout contest at the 2016 Bloomsburg Fair in Pennsylvania. Each year, this small town hosts a fair with all of the normal attractions such as judged farm animals and a wide variety of deep fried foods, but one of the things which makes Bloomsburg special is the burnout competition.

In most cases, the trucks and sport utility vehicles doing burnouts in our Tuesday feature – especially those vehicles in burnout competitions – are fitted with small, easy-to-spin tires. On the other hand, this big Ford Bronco is clearly built for offroading, so rather than a set of small, skinny tires, this old SUV has a set of massive mud tires. These knobby tires are made to dig into everything that they touch, but the owner of this Bronco pulls onto the burnout slab with the intention of turning these gigantic mud tires into a cloud of smoke – and he does just that.

The video begins slowly, with the guys who seem to be in charge of the burnout competition talking to the driver of the big Ford Bronco. After about 45 seconds of discussion, one of the officials tucks a tiny wheel chock under the right front tire of the Bronco and the driver is given the all-clear. At that point, he cranks into the V8 engine and begins to spin the huge rear tires.

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Almost immediate, smoke streams out of the back and sides of the old school Bronco and within 10 seconds or so, the Ford SUV is totally hidden in smoke. We can still hear the roar of the V8 engine over the cheering crowd as the burnout continues and after roughly 40 seconds, the burnout ends with an even louder chorus of applause from the Bloomsburg Fair crowd.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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