Truckin’ Fast Wednesday: Turbo V8 Ranger Is (Almost) Unbeatable!

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Race Truck Beats Nearly Everything – Except for Monster Ford Mustang

This week’s “Truckin’ Fast Wednesday” video features a Ford Ranger taking on all sorts of competitors at the Grudge Day Massacre last October at New Jersey’s legendary Atco Dragway. We don’t get any real details on this Ranger, but we can tell from the sound that it is powered by a V8 engine and we know from both the video description and the sound of the truck that this small Ford is turbocharged. Beyond that, we are just guessing, but this Ranger is probably built from top to bottom to be the best quarter-mile machine possible.

Ford Ranger

Since this Ford Ranger is racing at a Grudge Match event, we don’t see or hear any quarter mile times. This racing isn’t about who turns the better time – this is all about who gets to the finish line first and in most cases, this Ranger gets there first.

During the course of the video, the turbo V8 Ranger takes on a Chevy Malibu, a newer Mercedes Benz, a similarly-built Chevy S10 Blazer, a Fox Body Mustang and an SN95 Mustang. In most cases, the Ranger gets out first and never looks back and on the run against the Malibu, the Ranger leaves late and appears to be running the Chevy down on the big end. Time after time, the Ranger tears out of the hole with the wheels up, staying nice and straight even when it gets to bouncing around.

Ford Ranger

On every run, this boosted Ford pickup looks great, sounds great and gets to the finish line first – with the exception of the final run against the red Mustang. On that run, both Fords get out great, but the Mustang inches ahead on the top end.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy the video above!

Ford Ranger

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