How Long Will Ford Make Us Wait to See a Bronco Prototype?

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Ford Bronco

Despite the Buzz Around the Ford Bronco, It Could Be Years Before We See One

As you already know, Ford announced the comeback of the legendary Bronco SUV at the Detroit Auto Show. Unfortunately, that was it, a mere announcement. No sketches, no prototypes, no teasers. Nothing but words promising an “off-road” capable SUV by 2020.

Ford is pretty darn good at keeping secrets, as the 2015 unveiling of the Ford GT and Raptor concepts taught us. The boys and girls in Dearborn managed to work undercover in a basement for years, without anyone getting suspicious about the new supercar. Furthermore, they were very successful at it! And that means they will most likely do it again.

The 2017 international auto show season is just warming up, with L.A. and Detroit already in the books. Chicago is coming up next week, NYC in April, and then the world’s press will jump across the pond to the Geneva Motor Show. The question remains: when will Ford show us a Bronco?

Ford Bronco

If the Blue Oval truly sticks to their original promise of a 2020 sell date, it could be another two years until we see a production model. Furthermore, Bronco test mule (literally) spy shots could surface as early as late 2017. Keep in mind that developmental vehicles can be seen testing as early as three years before launch.

The Wait…

Unfortunately, all of this adds up to one thing: we most likely won’t see any Bronco concepts under the show lights in 2017. It’s highly unlikely for Ford to unveil truck products at the Chicago Auto Show, and even more unlikely in NYC and overseas. In addition, the times simply don’t match. Unless Ford has been already working on the Bronco secretly, it’s too freaking early. As a result, our best chance to catch an official glimpse of both, the new Bronco and Ranger, is at next year’s Detroit Auto Show.

It looks like we’re in for the long haul, but we’re darn sure it’ll be worth it!

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