TIL A 1998 Mercury is Not a F-150 Raptor

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Today I Learned that you cannot use a 1998 Mercury as a substitute for a Raptor. I also learned that that same Mercury is also not a substitute for a set of snow skis. A man was recently arrested in Ohio for attempting to use his Mercury as a downhill machine, but failed miserably. Allow me to explain.

Matthew Wright was arrested for drunk driving (obviously) when he attempted to take his 1998 Mercury (model not specified) down the main ski slope at Mad River Mountain in Zanesfield, Ohio. His vehicle quickly became stuck on the hill near the ski lift.

We’ve all seen videos where vehicles go down ski slopes. Heck, we’ve probably shared a few of them right here on FTE, but that doesn’t mean you should go out and attempt it. That is especially true if you’re drunk.

Wright was charged with OVI and criminal trespassing. While we’re not actually sure what was said, we wouldn’t be surprised if his last words before the attempt were “hey, watch this!”

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via [Peak of Ohio]

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