Throwback Video: Mike Rowe Talks Up the 2012 Ford PowerStroke

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2012 mike rowe quiet diesel 600

Today’s Throwback video features the 2012 Ford Super Duty powered by the hard working PowerStroke diesel. While most diehard diesel owners would prefer a little grumble from under the hood of their Super Duty, excessive noise is one of the “downsides” according to those folks who aren’t fond of diesel engines.

But as TV celebrity and former Ford spokesman Mike Rowe points out, the PowerStroke diesel in the 2012 Ford Super Duty was much quieter than past versions – and much quieter than the comparable Chevrolet Silverado.

While I personally don’t care if one diesel is quieter or louder than another, this is a fun little clip that shows off just one more reason why the Ford Super Duty and the PowerStroke is better than the competition.

There is no lead in to this clip and there are none of the normal legal disclaimers that we see in your average TV commercial so I am guessing that this clip of Mike Rowe talking about how quiet the 2012 PowerStroke is never made it to becoming a full-fledged commercial – but it still makes for a great feature on Ford-Trucks. Enjoy!

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