Truckin’ Fast: Dueling Diesel F-250 Drag Race

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This week’s Truckin’ Fast clip features a battle between two Ford F-250 Super Duty pickups powered by the PowerStroke diesel engine and while we don’t know what kind of work has been done to these two hard working Ford pickups – we know that they are very, very fast.

The race starts off a little shaky for the F-250 in the far lane as it leaves the line quite a bit later than the F-250 in the near lane and while it might look like bracket racing, I don’t think that it is since there are no dialins on the timing boards as the two trucks roar down the track.

superdrag-sliderFortunately for the white and blue Super Duty, his F-250 is very quick, running a 10.84 at 114 miles per hour while the F-250 in the near lane runs a winning 11.6 at 107.4.

Even though the truck in the near lane goes slower, the awful start by the other truck gives the truck on the big chrome rims the win light.

Crank up your speakers so that you can hear these PowerStroked beasts in action and enjoy!

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