This Ranger is a Danger at the Drag Strip

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Ranger 2

Back in high school, I heard that some people put 5.0s into old Ford Rangers for drag racing. I had forgotten about that highly effective way of making a fast-ass truck until now.

Apparently, Krista Elyse has known about such a performance enhancement for a while. However, she went beyond five liters. Her Ranger packs a 351 Windsor that’s been banged out to 418 tire-smoking cubic inches.

ranger-sliderIn the video below, she blasts her way to an 11.19-second quarter mile and a 125.94-mph trap speed. Elyse states, “I didn’t have my foot all the way down on the gas out of the hole after I pushed on the transbrake button.” Translation: Her pickup can pull off an even better time.

It did just that the same day in which the clip was shot. She managed to nail down a 10.47.

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