THROWBACK VIDEO 1975 Ford Commercial Plays with Fire

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1975 ford truck commercial 600

This week’s Throwback video takes us back to 1975 for a new Ford truck commercial that is designed to show off the high tech suspension of the F Series. To do so, they set up a display with a bunch of man-made bumps on the test surface, a bunch of balloons attached to a wall along the test surface and a pair of flame throwers attached to the 1975 Ford truck – because what shows off a smooth suspension setup better than flamethrowers, right?

The “wow demo” portion of this commercial shows the new Ford pickup driving along the wall of balloons with the flamethrower attached to the wheel bouncing all over the place and popping all of the balloons in dramatic fashion. Meanwhile, the flamethrower attached to the cab of the truck doesn’t move at all thanks to the high tech suspension.

Of course, in fine Ford fashion, the commercial ends up by reminding us that 93% of the trucks sold since 1963 were still in use. Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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