This 1955 Cab-Over Ford is Mad Max Maniacal

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I think the rising popularity of rough and patina covered resto-mods is one the best things to happen to classic cars in the last few years.

I love the character and stories that scars and rust can tell about a classic machine. I also love the kind or derelict and decrepit Mad Max-style machines that can result when people go all out.

That is when you get things like this 1955 Ford COE rat rod.


This cab-over Ford has just the right combination of rust and flaking blue paint to make it interesting, and then a set of upgrades like an adjustable air suspension and the spiked hubcaps on the front wheels give this machine a menacing presence.

Sadly there is almost no info about this truck presented in the video that we found, but you do get to see it do its parking dance, and you can roll down the road with a full load in the bed and towing a trailer.

It’s a cool truck, and I want one, but I know that it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Feel free to sound off on what you like about this machine and what you would change if you owned it.

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